About Us


Arch-News is the first and only online media resource in Arabic language, dedicated to the empowerment of the Arabic speaking visitors (both professional and non professional) with latest international architectural news, echoes, vogue, and trends.

Our Mission

Keeping the Arab world updated with most recent advancements in architecture as an art, science, and business: design, planning, décor, materials, thoughts, and latest trends, while maintaining an open gateway for international companies to enter the Arab world and present their state of the art insights, products, and technologies.

Awarded with the Prize of the best Media Project in the Arab World, by the Kuwaiti Royal Alsubah Award, we are the forum that delivers a platform for international companies to present their expertise to the Arab world.

For architects, universities, and companies: our Proffessional Architecture Catalog is a unique comprehensive way to introduce and exchange: talents, thoughts, experience, products, technologies, and projects.

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